Online dating infographics (and mosquitoes!)

Yesterday, a very special episode of The Heartographer’s podcast went live… our first ever guest! I spoke with Melanie Ida Chopko about the amazing online dating infographics she does, mostly for personal use, and I got her to share those with us and walk us through her thought process, including any ups and downs in her recent dating experiences.

You can listen to the full podcast episode here, and read a longer post in my P-I blog here. And the podcast link is where you can find all the other ways to track down Melanie and her work. But if you just wanna see pretty pictures, you can do that below! (Click to enlarge.) Thanks again to Melanie for sharing. :) These are very clearly copyright Melanie, so please be respectful of my inaugural podcast guest!

Online dating infographic 1 by Melanie Ida Chopko.

Copyright Melanie Ida Chopko, 2013.

Online dating infographic 2 by Melanie Ida Chopko.

Copyright Melanie Ida Chopko, 2013.

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