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Discussing drinking in your dating profile

Spring just sprung, I just turned 33, and I JUST sent out my March newsletter full of free online dating advice!

This month’s topic was about alcohol. Specifically, how you should state your drinking habits, how you can figure out your date’s actual drinking habits, how you can comfortably navigate drinking or not drinking during those early stages, and a few silly little anecdotes about the impression your drink makes and MORE.

I keep my mailing list super secret, because someday all that advice is getting compiled into a book. But YOU can still access my expertise FOR FREE, including this most recent issue—just sign up with this link and follow the instructions on the confirmation page.

Shut up! It's totally relevant; I'm drinking a beer!

And in case you were wondering what I did with my birthday besides drink, I’ll have you know that I fed an alpaca with my mouth:

Hope you guys had a great weekend too! 


Thanksgiving and pushy relatives giving advice

Hi y’all! Hope you’re enjoying this day that is fantastically sunny and SUPER COLD here in Seattle. Ready for some minor Heartographer updates? -My November newsletter just went out! Don’t fret; if you missed it, you can still sign up and follow the links to get to the latest issue. It’s about dealing with online […]

VentureBeat’s dating app deep(ish) dive

Whoops! I missed my first-ever post since I started sticking to this thrice-weekly schedule. But it was for a good reason, I swear: Grant had Wednesday off! (He’s been working insane hours so we spent that surprise free day together.) The thing I love most about having my own little business is being able to […]

How to take great solo selfies

SELFIES. There, I said it. I hate that word, but I hated “spam” and “blog” too and also get off my lawn. So, let’s embrace the neologism and take SELFIES! There are a few reasons for this post. One is that I have many past, current, and hopefully future clients who could legitimately use these […]

Pictures, pictures, pictures!

August’s newsletter finally went out today—thanks for your patience, guys! I’m STILL in bed and not really back to full working capacity, but at least I can write, right? :) There are TONS of tips from me, my podcasting buddy Kai, and my Seattle photographer Jennifer. Lots and LOTS of info to help you digest […]

Podcast going strong; “Podcasts” less so :(

Hey y’all! If you’ve been enjoying our Heartographer podcast about online dating and relationships, well, thank you and I’m sorry! Why sorry? Because there seems to be a weird bug in the iPhone Podcasts app that is making it hard for some but not all users to download or stream some but not all podcasts […]

Online dating advice videos, coming soon!

Hi all! I’m experimenting with tackling a few more topics via video, instead of just in writing or on the podcast. (Crikey, you  might not think I need one more outlet since I also have this other blog plus my newsletter and an advice column, but people are actually requesting online dating advice videos! Yay?) Let […]

Super secret past newsletters!

Hey folks, remember how I bugged you to sign up for the really good stuff in my newsletter? Well, I meant it, and I still do! The stuff I write for each issue is even more detail-oriented than this blog, because I want to really give the most helpful, specific advice to my most loyal […]

New Monday-Wednesday-Friday schedule

Hi guys! You might’ve noticed that I tend to just post here about online dating topics whenever something strikes me, be it a link to online dating in the news, a book release I think you’ll find interesting, or a topic that strikes my fancy. Willy-nilly is sort of how I roll, ya know? I […]

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