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Seattle Mug Shots on 9/20!

Our next Mug Shots profile picture event is on Sunday, September 20th in the afternoon. Specific time and location details are forthcoming. Pricing ranges from $149 to $199, depending on how many people sign up—but if we have a full set of eight attendees, everyone gets the cheaper price. So spread the word! :)

Want to reserve your spot? Reach out ASAP.

“Sleeping With Other People” free tickets!

Hey Seattle readers! Guess what? We get to go see a movie together for free! (Or, you know, you can ignore me and we can sit separately. Whatever. I see how it is.) IFC films reached out with free passes to an advanced screening of a new film “Sleeping With Other People.” It stars Jason […]

San Francisco Mug Shots on June 9!

We’re doing it! We’re having Mug Shots in San Francisco on Tuesday, June 9th, from 3:30-5:30 PM, at an awesome outdoor patio in walking distance from all the main WWDC action. It’s a mere $129 (plus whatever you consume) per person for a fun happy hour that’s ridiculously cheap compared to a full portrait session. Email […]

WWDC Mug Shots

Some of you know about Mug Shots, my events to help online dating clients get better pictures for their profiles. Some of you also know that I’m kind of a tech geek even when I’m not helping people wrangle their OkCupid profiles. I’ve been toying with the idea of hosting a WWDC-timed Mug Shots event […]

Mug Shots in Seattle on 1/31!

Hey folks! We’re having another Mug Shots event on Saturday, January 31st in Seattle’s Fremont neighborhood. Here’s what you need to know! The cost is $99 per person. We can’t accommodate last-minute drop-ins, so you’ll need to drop me a line to sign up ahead of time. You should bring your fully charged-up smartphone and/or tablet, with […]

Next Mug Shots event in Seattle on 10/26!

Hey everyone! I hope your transition into fall has been splendid. Mine has been great, but BUSY! And a little crazy… you know how they say things happen in threes? Well, our family car broke down, our washing machine flooded our basement, and the shelving in our closet came crashing down in the night narrowly […]

NYC Online dating photo happy hour!

Hey folks! I’ll be on the east coast again this fall. This means you Eastern Time folks can get a piece of me! I don’t have time for individual client sessions, but I hope to host another online dating photo shoot happy hour. Woohoo! Everyone has just  been eating these up; they’re amazing for singles but […]

My online dating photo toolkit

A briefcase with Cards Against Humanity, two iPads, several chargers, a deck of cards, a notepad and pen, and some business cards.

Hey y’all! If you’re subscribed to my free monthly advice newsletter, then you probably saw that our photo hour is today and we still have a couple spots left. Please get in touch ASAP if you’d like to claim a seat! Since we’re planning on doing more of these events in more cities (stay tuned!), I […]

Snappy Hour moved to 6/25

Hey lovebirds, thanks for your patience as I recuperated! I’m doing SO much better these days, as Twitter is my witnesss: I WISH I could have taken a selfie showing y’all how many awkward items I managed to carry up the stairs without dropping/spilling anything. — Virginia Roberts (@askvirginia) June 13, 2014 Anyway, for those […]

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