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My first post on Medium

Find out where this mysterious and awkward image comes from when you read the post!Hey lovebirds, hope you’ve had a great week! I wanted to share my first-ever piece on Medium, all about how much I dislike default text. There’s even some online dating relevancy in there:

…straight guys, frustrated by low response rates from women, start to broaden their outreach by messaging a larger number of potentially less compatible women. This gets tedious, so they begin to automate the messages they send to gals.

Following a formula (skim her profile, find one identifying detail, mention it as a common interest, maybe find another detail if you’re feeling studious, quickly formulate a broad question about it to invite conversation, hit send) is the most efficient plan: it’s easy compared to agonizing over a charming cold opener, or actually reading every field of all those profiles, and then taking the time to write creatively to each person. To treat each individual outreach effort with care and attention to detail would be wildly inefficient.

Note that I’m NOT saying this is a smart formula to follow, haha. But it is a common one. You’ll have to read the whole piece for my complete take!

I’m flying to Florida next week for some crazy family stuff. I’m extremely unaccustomed to being in a warm humid climate in October and November; please send UVA-blocking thoughts my way. I might be a little hard to reach while I’m gone, but don’t you fret. I’ll get back to you guys as soon as I can if you reach out with online dating dilemmas. Happy weekend!

Deep dive into different dating sites!

Hi y’all! Episode 6 of The Heartographer podcast, “Those People are Wrong,” went live on Monday, and it’s all about different online dating sites and what “flavor” they all have. ALL of the info here is a generalization, which as we know isn’t always perfect. But it’s a start! SO MANY people asked for this topic to […]

My ten-year college reunion

Well, my ten-year Bryn Mawr College reunion starts today, and I’m super excited to get to see my old classmates. I actually dragged Grant along this time, which I didn’t do for the five-year back in 2008. I just… he’s such a huge part of my happiness as a stable, sound, no-longer-nineteen adult, you know? […]

Why don’t online dating “surrogates” work?

You may have caught wind of this story, first broken by BetaBeat, about a NYC dude who wants to pay a “pretty, thin” lady to review singletons from multiple online dating services, favorite or bookmark them for him, and then message and set up dates with the ones whom he deems worthy of meeting in […]

You have to go on a LOT of dates

Mallory Schlossberg wrote a great post over at TheFrisky about her hot-and-cold relationship with OKCupid. She cracks me up! She complains about how she’s on again and off again with the service, partly because she kind of overloads herself with millions of dates and then finds something wrong with each and every one. But after […]

Sexy home office AND wedding pics!

Man, I know I’m overdue with a Loveb.log post these days—for shame! It’s crazy that we’ve now lived in our gorgeous new home for over a year, yet I’ve never mentioned my home office or posted any pics. Clients! This is important! We no longer have to meet at a Starbucks where every other patron’s […]

Still got it

Man, I get a little rush of relief and joy when I see that people are still posting ads like this one and this one on Craigslist. I love being reminded that, despite the bad press and whatnot, Craiglsist continues to serve as a great source of somewhat “alternate” personal ads — and free ones […]

The Craig behind Craigslist speaks out!

Craig Newmark of Craiglist rarely goes über-public — sure, he’s been known to speak up on behalf of his company, but he (like his chosen user interface) is fairly no-frills.  So I found this WSJ article kind of interesting, in light of the recent decision to close the erotic services category. Craig states that participating […]

The ugly side of Craig

Man, I just hate it when an ad I post for a client winds up getting flagged and removed on Craigslist. Sure, sometimes it’ll happen for some minor Terms of Service violation, and I realize that that’s valid. But MOST of the time, when one of my creations gets flagged and removed, it’s because someone […]

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