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Twitter Tips for Tinder™

Hey all! A Twitter pal recently shared an insight on how he used Tinder to great success.

If you ever need to help someone whose preferred type of partner is “silly with a hint of bitterness” – putting “idiot” as the only word in the Tinder bio works wonders. It’s a scarily good filter.

I agree! Let’s get all analytical for a sec and talk about WHY this works well.


I’m always telling you guys that humor is essential in online dating, right? But Tinder doesn’t leave you loads and loads of space to show off just how effortlessly breezy your joke style is. Making use of what space it does give you with a quip like this is an excellent way to show that light-heartedness very concisely.

Brevity (= witty)

Need I say more? ;)

Kindness (but not smothering kindness)

Humor often requires a target. *Someone* is the butt of most jokes. When you yourself are the target, you’re not being mean or making fun of other people. By default it makes you seem that much nicer. But that snark is still in there, so you’re not JUST a softie.


I’ve talked about this before, but it bears repeating here: self deprecation is actually a form of humblebragging about how great you are and how confident you feel about yourself. After all, if you’re secure enough to make fun of yourself, it shows that you actually do know in your heart that you’re good enough, you’re smart enough, and doggone it, people like you.

So what does your Tinder bio say? Mine is pretty boring by necessity, because it’s actually marketing copy instead of dating copy. It’s how I make it clear that I’m an online dating coach and not some great Tinder nerd catch, haha. So I try to keep it light-hearted by rotating through a roster of silly pictures. But *your* Tinder bio should be silly and fun!

This particular picture is mainly just to amuse me.


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