Bryn Mawr love!

I really should’ve blogged about this ages ago — I’m terribly delinquent in my Loveblogging. (Does it make it better if I tell you that it’s because most of my writing energy is going into thinking about turning my online dating advice into a book? Let’s hope yes.)

Back in March (GOD I’m delinquent) I was interviewed by the fabulous Alicia Bessette in the Bryn Mawr Alumnae Bulletin, in a series about Mawrters who work in the Internet age. Alicia did a great job, and I just love that BMC profiled different, emerging types of professions in this strangely digital age. Like a sap, I’m totally getting the print copy framed for my Lovebug office.

Yes, an office! I’m remiss in not showing it off here — but I still have a little furniture-enhancing to do. Pics soon, I promise! For now, enjoy the Mawrticle (see what I did there?) and happy dating. ♥

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