The Heartographer Podcast, going strong!

The Heartographer Podcast!Howdy folks! Most of you know that I launched a podcast, but some of you haven’t listened to it yet. (OK, Google Analytics doesn’t GUARANTEE me of this fact, but I speak with confidence. You haven’t. It’s OK to admit it.) I don’t blame ya; time is precious! But you know what? I think we’re off to a good start. :) So I wanted to give you another nudge!

In our inaugural episode, “LinkedIn Résumé of Romance,” we discussed how healthy it is to have a good ole promiscuous period before you settle down (if that’s even your path). We talk about some of my former blog posts, including the one about Ophira Eisenberg’s Awesome Book, and the one about Kids These Days.

And now, it’s almost time for Episode Two! I don’t yet know what the title will be, or exactly when that link will go live. I’m new to this whole Podcasting Production World, after all. But I can tell you that when it drops, you can hear us talk about how to broach the topuc of poor hygiene in dating. Yikes. It’s good stuff! PLUS, I believe this episode is the first one in which we introduce the After Dark Accidental Tech Podcast Incidental Indie Marketing Banter Aftercast. ™ So please, please GO LISTEN! Here or here! And tell your friends to listen. Please! It’s so, so good, I hope. I think. I dare to dream. I’m going to play a mean trick on you, and embed what looks like a player for on THIS site, but is actually a player on THIS OTHER site. Sneaky, I know! If it weren’t for my imperfect cropping skills and the different colored backgrounds, I might have even fooled you!

Go podcast go!

Nah, you’re smarter than that. I know it. But humor me for a sec! C’mon, you gotta admit it was a cute trick. Kinda. :) This is just for Episode One; I trust you can find your way to the rest if you decide to stick with it. (Which we’d love.) Podcasts, woo!Here’s the other part of the deal: please go subscribe, rate, and/or review it in iTunes! We would really, really appreciate it. Obviously, we’ll be happier little clams if we get all super-duper-positive five-star ratings, but in truth we just want you to be honest and tell us what you think, so we know how to keep making it better. (And if you think we succeed at making it better, well, come back and update that mean ole one-star rating, haha.) (No but seriously. Update it if we improve; it’s only fair, right?) Let’s try this totally original motivational Unicode chant real quick. Join hands, everybody… When I say ☆☆☆☆☆, you say ★★★★★!





Way to go, guys. I think we’ve got this. Let’s go kick some Opposing Team Ass! I mean, uh, let’s go listen to some great podcasts about online dating and relationships. Yay!

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