Get that hair done.

Aly Walansky over at The Fashion Spot quoted me in an article yesterday! The piece is called Post Breakup, Recover and Fuel the Passion for YOU.

Here’s my contribution:

Pamper Yourself

Go for a blowout, get a pedicure. Go out for drinks with friends and take tons of sexy photos. “That brighter, hotter, happy you is going to make for fantastic online dating profile material once you’re ready to get back out there! And you’ll never look or feel swankier than when your hair was recently done,” says Virginia Roberts, an online dating coach. Roberts recommends also taking a few more serious shots that you can potentially use on your LinkedIn profile and for other professional sources. This is a great time to also kick extra butt at work, so you should put your best face forward in that online arena, too!

Of course, you guys know this by now… but more photo tips can be found here.

Me with great hair and a terrible facial expression. Do as I say, not as I do.

Me with great hair and a terrible facial expression. Do as I say, not as I do.

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