Upcoming Seattle Snappy Hour!

Hey lovebirds! You know how I’m always harping at you to get cuter pictures uploaded to your dating profile? Well, you’re in luck if you’re in the Seattle area! My photographer Jennifer and I are finally co-hosting our first much-buzzed-about Snappy Hour event. Here’s one of my favorite pictures of myself that Jennifer took, and one […]

Learning from NYC’s most popular singles

NY Magazine ran a fascinating interview with NYC’s four most popular OkCupid members—a straight gal, a straight guy, a gay gal, and a gay guy. Check out these (clearly highly stylized) swanky portraits: I urge you to read the entire piece. It’s fun! But if you want to skip right to the practical takeaways, here […]

Get that hair done.

Aly Walansky over at The Fashion Spot quoted me in an article yesterday! The piece is called Post Breakup, Recover and Fuel the Passion for YOU. Here’s my contribution: Pamper Yourself Go for a blowout, get a pedicure. Go out for drinks with friends and take tons of sexy photos. “That brighter, hotter, happy you is going to make for […]

The Cheerleader Effect can be misleading

Hey lovebirds! I recently posted a video about the Cheerleader Effect, otherwise known as the idea that people look more attractive in group photos than single shots. I’m not a photo data scientist, and I don’t mean to debunk this study’s core findings—I’ve heard they’re real anecdotally, and I believe I’ve observed those effects in […]

Singles Warehouse piece

Hey folks, hope you all had a lovely weekend! Grant and I had an overwhelmingly social one—he’s been in crunch mode for months and I’ve been under the weather, but we packed in FOUR separate engagements, and he even managed to mow the lawn and do laundry (while I lazed around and caught up with […]

Amy Webb’s Ted Talk about hacking online dating

I’ve mentioned Amy Webb before, and her book Data: A Love Story. She recently gave a TED Talk on the same subject, which is pretty darn entertaining. But of course, being an online dating coach with lots of experience and strong opinions, I have to pick apart her approach and warn you away from the […]

Monday roundup

Hey lovebirds, hope you all had a fantastic weekend! I sure did. :) My husband has been working insane hours lately, but he actually got to stay home and chill out with his wife for the first time in a while. It was pretty swell. Also, I got my podcast back up and running! Listen, […]

VentureBeat’s dating app deep(ish) dive

Whoops! I missed my first-ever post since I started sticking to this thrice-weekly schedule. But it was for a good reason, I swear: Grant had Wednesday off! (He’s been working insane hours so we spent that surprise free day together.) The thing I love most about having my own little business is being able to […]

How to take great solo selfies

SELFIES. There, I said it. I hate that word, but I hated “spam” and “blog” too and also get off my lawn. So, let’s embrace the neologism and take SELFIES! There are a few reasons for this post. One is that I have many past, current, and hopefully future clients who could legitimately use these […]

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