Sight, a short film about dating and the digital age

Grant and I often go to Cinebarre, a local-ish movie theater that serves food and drinks during screenings. They’re a cool independent-vibe operation, and what we love most is that they play short films before the previews instead of horrible trivia and ads that end up being full of spoilers. Anyway, when we saw Elysium […]

Always be mindful of your online security!

Hi lovebirds! I’m normally not one to constantly harp about the dangers of online dating—most of you know that I actually think it’s much safer than people think, especially if you follow decent safety protocols. But even if you do everything right on your end, the technology you’re using is still out of your control. […]

Tinder hilarity

Hi lovebirds; hope you’re doing well! Grant and I had a busy few days entertaining out of town family. Nothing like house guests to make you suddenly aware of all the little things you haven’t yet improved around your home, eh? Yikes! :) Now have approximately forty loads of laundry to go do. Kai and […]

A different kind of catfish

Sorry I’ve been a little absent, lovebirds! Grant and I have relatives coming to stay with us this week, so I’ve been running around cleaning and organizing and laundering and scented candling (as you do). I believe I can call my efforts triumphant, but I’ve still got a bit of work ahead of me. So […]

Deep dive into different dating sites!

Hi y’all! Episode 6 of The Heartographer podcast, “Those People are Wrong,” went live on Monday, and it’s all about different online dating sites and what “flavor” they all have. ALL of the info here is a generalization, which as we know isn’t always perfect. But it’s a start! SO MANY people asked for this topic to […]

Podcast going strong; “Podcasts” less so :(

Hey y’all! If you’ve been enjoying our Heartographer podcast about online dating and relationships, well, thank you and I’m sorry! Why sorry? Because there seems to be a weird bug in the iPhone Podcasts app that is making it hard for some but not all users to download or stream some but not all podcasts […]

Eye on the details

For many years, I worked in quality assurance (QA) for various software and video game companies. I kinda did this side-by-side with helping people find love online, but my day jobs were always in some sort of testing. And I love testing! I’m fluent in several languages, so I’m able to spot issues like inconsistent […]

Up-Goer Five and your online dating profile

I was recently at a fantastic Meetup event hosted by my pal Bethany, in which we professionals were trying to hone in on our message/tagline to clearly convey what we do to people we’re meeting for the first time. I myself very much need to focus on this kind of messaging, because SO many people […]

Major upgrade for eHarmony

You might remember that I’m less than a  huge fan of eHarmony’s checkered political background. That remains true, but you know what? They still offer a great product for certain people. So despite my reservations, I continue to recommend that certain clients try eHarmony out. And thankfully, their service just got much better. Mashable reported on […]

Why don’t online dating “surrogates” work?

You may have caught wind of this story, first broken by BetaBeat, about a NYC dude who wants to pay a “pretty, thin” lady to review singletons from multiple online dating services, favorite or bookmark them for him, and then message and set up dates with the ones whom he deems worthy of meeting in […]

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