Lay off of Nana!

I try to stay positive about online dating, because despite its many pitfalls, I’ve seen it work! (I mean, I had such a great experience with myself and my first few friend-clients that I started a business out of helping people use it.) And I’m grateful that it finally seems to be shedding its stigma, […]

Podcast going strong; “Podcasts” less so :(

Hey y’all! If you’ve been enjoying our Heartographer podcast about online dating and relationships, well, thank you and I’m sorry! Why sorry? Because there seems to be a weird bug in the iPhone Podcasts app that is making it hard for some but not all users to download or stream some but not all podcasts […]

Major upgrade for eHarmony

You might remember that I’m less than a  huge fan of eHarmony’s checkered political background. That remains true, but you know what? They still offer a great product for certain people. So despite my reservations, I continue to recommend that certain clients try eHarmony out. And thankfully, their service just got much better. Mashable reported on […]

Smartphone dating apps

Hey all, check it out! The wonderful Mark E. Harris reached out to me for input on this NextAvenue piece on smartphone apps for single Baby Boomers. It was a nice excuse to research quite a few apps in more detail than I had done previously. The trouble is, I really think apps aren’t up […]

Algorithms can’t predict true compatibility

Have you guys seen this new Amazon Originals thing, where they’re creating (or just buying the rights to) various potential TV projects? It’s kind of interesting. I just watched a bunch of the pilots over the weekend, and one of them in particular stuck out to me. Not because it was super good, no—the super […]

Social media crushes

Image credit: So many friends, clients, and Twitter pals of late have been vocal about their “crushes” on social media. This phenomenon fascinates me, because social media as we know it now didn’t exist yet when I was still single. It’s a whole new level of emotional navigation, with its own rules and conventions […]

We need more women designing dating tech

This New Yorker piece by Ann Friedman explores the imbalance of male-designed dating technology with such an eloquent and understandably squicked-out approach. After all, the whole reason my business exists is because online dating services and products are a TERRIBLE user experience! They’re awkward and clunky; her title “Overwhelmed and creeped out” is how most sane […]

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