My online dating photo toolkit

A briefcase with Cards Against Humanity, two iPads, several chargers, a deck of cards, a notepad and pen, and some business cards.

Hey y’all! If you’re subscribed to my free monthly advice newsletter, then you probably saw that our photo hour is today and we still have a couple spots left. Please get in touch ASAP if you’d like to claim a seat! Since we’re planning on doing more of these events in more cities (stay tuned!), I […]

Snappy Hour moved to 6/25

Hey lovebirds, thanks for your patience as I recuperated! I’m doing SO much better these days, as Twitter is my witnesss: I WISH I could have taken a selfie showing y’all how many awkward items I managed to carry up the stairs without dropping/spilling anything. — Virginia Roberts (@askvirginia) June 13, 2014 Anyway, for those […]

Snappy Hour June 25th!

Hi y’all! Our inaugural Snappy Hour was great, in case you were wondering. :) We’re planning on having another one on June 25th, from 4-6 in Fremont. If you’d like to reply, please get in touch! I don’t post 100% of the details because I don’t want any unannounced drop-ins to throw off our group’s vibe. […]

FINALLY! Migration complete!

Hey lovebirds! Thanks for your patience, and I apologize if you dropped by during my brief downtime. I’m excited to inform y’all that I’m on a fancy new host—so you should see a site that loads faster, is more reliable, and generally is even more awesome. (Look, if I’m bragging about WP Engine and not […]

Learning from NYC’s most popular singles

NY Magazine ran a fascinating interview with NYC’s four most popular OkCupid members—a straight gal, a straight guy, a gay gal, and a gay guy. Check out these (clearly highly stylized) swanky portraits: I urge you to read the entire piece. It’s fun! But if you want to skip right to the practical takeaways, here […]

“Not OK, Cupid”

Did you guys hear the most recent episode of This American Life? The first act is called Not OK, Cupid. It’s an excerpt from BJ Novak’s new book of short stories, One More Thing. This was a terrific piece of fiction, with excellent acting from Alison Brie and Tunde Adebimpe. My only complaint is that […]

Happy Valentine’s Day!

Hi lovebirds! Happy Valentine’s Day, or as my friend Jen likes to call it, “VD.” (By the way, she and I are Valentine Twinsies this year—we both plan to stay in, cook steaks, and watch House of Cards Season 2 on Netflix.) Even though I think this is a bit of a silly holiday, I […]

The Economics of Love, from NPR’s Planet Money

NPR’s Planet Money is a wonderful podcast. Their most recent episode is on matters of the heart. In the first part, NPR reporter Lisa Chow shares her online dating approach. The second half is economist Tim Harford answering questions about matters of the heart. And the whole episode was SO GOOD, you guys! You should totally go […]

Get that hair done.

Aly Walansky over at The Fashion Spot quoted me in an article yesterday! The piece is called Post Breakup, Recover and Fuel the Passion for YOU. Here’s my contribution: Pamper Yourself Go for a blowout, get a pedicure. Go out for drinks with friends and take tons of sexy photos. “That brighter, hotter, happy you is going to make for […]

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