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My touchy-feely post about crying in public

Hi everyone! I just got back from xoxofest, which was magical. I’ll tell you more about it in a sec.

The night before I left, I saw that fantastic movie Sleeping With Other People I had given away advance screening ticktes to. It was FANTASTIC! I wish I’d managed to get that posted before it opened on Friday, just so I could have bolstered those opening numbers (you know, by like five, but whatever). I seriously haven’t seen a romantic comedy that was that well acted or edited or casted or written or directed or you name it in AGES. (And my husband thought so too, and he is perhaps the pickiest person that has ever existed outside of John Siracusa.)

Anyway, that xoxofest thing! It was a very inspiring and awesome time, but way emotional. I wrote a post on Medium about how awkward it can be to cry a bunch in a public setting like a conference. I thought you might like to read it too. It reminds me of this amazing image for that HBO show Enlightened, which just slays me every time I see it:

hbo enlightened

And now I’m off to regain my mostly-lost voice. (I even recorded the latest episode of Steady with it, yikes.) Bye for now!

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