eHarmony and homophobia

eHarmony’s CEO Neil Clark Warren disgusts me. In his recent interview with Yahoo! Finance, he whines in an auto-playing video about how the same-sex couples discussion has harmed his company’s image, we’ve made too much of it as a society, and he’s sick of everyone talking  about it already. To give you a little history, eHarmony […]

Be specific!

I’ve been watching a lot of streaming TV on my iPad ever since I inherited it from Grant, and there’s this one eHarmony ad spot that keeps playing over and over. (I can’t find a link, so please comment if you can.) It’s with a tall blonde gal named Briana, and she says she’s looking […]

Guided Communication—a surprise hit

When I recently discovered eHarmony’s new Guided Communication feature, I thought it was a total flop. After all, 90% of my advice revolves around highlighting the dater’s wit and originality, not falling back on canned multiple-choice answers! However, it seems like this feature is surprisingly successful, especially for guys who are having trouble nudging ladies […]

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