A different kind of catfish

Sorry I’ve been a little absent, lovebirds! Grant and I have relatives coming to stay with us this week, so I’ve been running around cleaning and organizing and laundering and scented candling (as you do). I believe I can call my efforts triumphant, but I’ve still got a bit of work ahead of me. So […]

On pickup artists (and why they kinda suck)

Well, I warned you guys I was gonna do more video posts, so here ya go! This is a little clip (ha, not so little) in which I rant a bit about why I don’t think pickup artists really help people connect in satisfying, lasting relationships. It’s one thing to get women to go home […]

Deep dive into different dating sites!

Hi y’all! Episode 6 of The Heartographer podcast, “Those People are Wrong,” went live on Monday, and it’s all about different online dating sites and what “flavor” they all have. ALL of the info here is a generalization, which as we know isn’t always perfect. But it’s a start! SO MANY people asked for this topic to […]

The Doubleclicks ROCK! (Folk?)

Last night, my fantastic pal Jean took me and several other nerdy friends to an amazing nerd rock concert. The lineup included four amazing different bands that were all super duper dork-tastic. One in particular stood out to me, not necessarily because I loved their music the bestest (they were all amazing), but mostly because […]

Lay off of Nana!

I try to stay positive about online dating, because despite its many pitfalls, I’ve seen it work! (I mean, I had such a great experience with myself and my first few friend-clients that I started a business out of helping people use it.) And I’m grateful that it finally seems to be shedding its stigma, […]

Podcast going strong; “Podcasts” less so :(

Hey y’all! If you’ve been enjoying our Heartographer podcast about online dating and relationships, well, thank you and I’m sorry! Why sorry? Because there seems to be a weird bug in the iPhone Podcasts app that is making it hard for some but not all users to download or stream some but not all podcasts […]

Eye on the details

For many years, I worked in quality assurance (QA) for various software and video game companies. I kinda did this side-by-side with helping people find love online, but my day jobs were always in some sort of testing. And I love testing! I’m fluent in several languages, so I’m able to spot issues like inconsistent […]

My liberal discounts policy

I just added a page called Discounts yesterday. And now I’m blogging about it. Why am I so eager to make you pay me *less* money? Well, I’m not, really, but I SO want you to saddle up and hire me so we can get you confidently finding love already! And if money is truly an […]

The Heartographer Podcast, going strong!

Howdy folks! Most of you know that I launched a podcast, but some of you haven’t listened to it yet. (OK, Google Analytics doesn’t GUARANTEE me of this fact, but I speak with confidence. You haven’t. It’s OK to admit it.) I don’t blame ya; time is precious! But you know what? I think we’re […]

On misogynist asshats

Online dating is sometimes a scary and depressing thing for everyone, but especially for women. Through every point in human history, women have been inherently more vulnerable to violent and sexual crime. It’s a horrible frustrating unfair reality, and it’s necessary for us to acknowledge this in online dating, too. Women are more at risk […]

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