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Announcing Steady on 5by5!

I have something SO COOL to show all y’all. Are you ready? It’s… Steady!


This is a call-in dating and relationship advice podcast on 5by5. Kinda appropriate show art, right? ;)

I can’t WAIT, y’all! This has been in the works for a while now; I’ve been dying to have a podcast again for ages.

This is a venue where I can provide support for free in a way that doesn’t sap me of all my resources, you know? I’m a total sucker for pro bono work, because I just want everyone to be romantically satisfied if that’s their goal… but this is also how I put food on half of the table at House Roberts, and taking on too many freebies make for pretty meager grocery bounty. A call-in show also helps other people who are perhaps too nervous to call in themselves, but who still find the discussion useful in relation to their own love life.

Anyway, here’s the important details:

Steady airs at 3 PM Pacific every Thursday on 5by5, starting March 26th. The same week as my birthday—pretty great present, right? ;) We’ll post more info at, including how to call in.

Stay tuned—I can’t wait to take your calls!



Should you pay for Tinder Plus?


Tinder recently launched its new paid features, known as Tinder Plus. So far, they’re kinda lackluster and downright offensive to some people. NYC’s Metro US featured a Q&A with me about Tinder Plus, if you’d like to check it out! But if you’d rather read my own blog-postier analysis, here we go. :) Undo left […]

Some pre-Valentine poetic advice


Hi y’all! Ready for your annual reminder of my thoughts on Valentine’s Day? :) 1) Valentine’s Day is a made-up corporate bullshit holiday that puts enormous unnecessary pressure on both single and non-single people! 2) It’s really fucking hard to get a reservation! 3) As Dan Savage likes to point out, it’s kind of high […]

Nerding out about online safety

Data Privacy Month Quiz

I don’t usually get excited when social media marketers send me infographics and ask me to publish them on my site. See, most of the folks who do this are shilling some scare-tactics advice to try and get you to pay for weird services or products that you don’t need. So imagine my surprise and […]

Digital picture paranoia


Hey y’all! I’m cavalier about my picture being on the internet, because I kind of have to be in order to build up a presence for my business. But LOTS of you are creeped out by the idea of some rando seeing pics of you online. (I totally get that.) I crowd-sourced some info about […]

Quit being late to dates!

Sorry I'm Late

Are you ever late to your online dates? Even first dates? Yikes! I mean, sometimes there are valid reasons, but most of the time that comes off as pretty lame/rude. (This is coming from someone who is usually chronically late because she arrived early and then lost track of time checking Twitter in her car […]

That study from Modern Love

These people DO NOT feel that they are accurately represented by this pile of data! They're right.

(Credit: Shutterstock / Creativa Images)

The most recent entry in the NY Times’s Modern Love column has been getting a lot of traction lately, with good reason! It’s a fascinating exploration of a sticky academic idea about how to forge love, with a catchy headline to top it off. In a nutshell, the study explores the idea that two people can […]

Mug Shots in Seattle on 1/31!

Get it? MUG SHOT? You see because it's

Hey folks! We’re having another Mug Shots event on Saturday, January 31st in Seattle’s Fremont neighborhood. Here’s what you need to know! The cost is $99 per person. We can’t accommodate last-minute drop-ins, so you’ll need to drop me a line to sign up ahead of time. You should bring your fully charged-up smartphone and/or tablet, with […]

Your love life and the holidays

Remember that Thanksgiving is based on a lie anyway! Image source: Wikipedia

My business picks up dramatically in January and February. I don’t do any extra marketing, but people feel this immense pressure and drive to get paired up based on New Year’s Resolutions and Valentine’s Day. I think some of it also comes from riding the Thanksgiving through New Year’s Eve gauntlet that usually comes with increased […]

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