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My touchy-feely post about crying in public

Hi everyone! I just got back from xoxofest, which was magical. I’ll tell you more about it in a sec.

The night before I left, I saw that fantastic movie Sleeping With Other People I had given away advance screening ticktes to. It was FANTASTIC! I wish I’d managed to get that posted before it opened on Friday, just so I could have bolstered those opening numbers (you know, by like five, but whatever). I seriously haven’t seen a romantic comedy that was that well acted or edited or casted or written or directed or you name it in AGES. (And my husband thought so too, and he is perhaps the pickiest person that has ever existed outside of John Siracusa.)

Anyway, that xoxofest thing! It was a very inspiring and awesome time, but way emotional. I wrote a post on Medium about how awkward it can be to cry a bunch in a public setting like a conference. I thought you might like to read it too. It reminds me of this amazing image for that HBO show Enlightened, which just slays me every time I see it:

hbo enlightened

And now I’m off to regain my mostly-lost voice. (I even recorded the latest episode of Steady with it, yikes.) Bye for now!

Seattle Mug Shots on 9/20!

Our next Mug Shots profile picture event is on Sunday, September 20th in the afternoon. Specific time and location details are forthcoming. Pricing ranges from $149 to $199, depending on how many people sign up—but if we have a full set of eight attendees, everyone gets the cheaper price. So spread the word! :) Want […]

“Sleeping With Other People” free tickets!

Hey Seattle readers! Guess what? We get to go see a movie together for free! (Or, you know, you can ignore me and we can sit separately. Whatever. I see how it is.) IFC films reached out with free passes to an advanced screening of a new film “Sleeping With Other People.” It stars Jason […]

Let’s learn from the Ashley Madison hack

Sometimes there’s online dating stuff in the news that I take forever to comment on. I want to really roll it over in my mind, think about what’s been published, and have a good handle on my thoughts. This Ashley Madison hack is a little different. I don’t care that much about the news, but […]

Why Anna Akana hates going to bars

Ha! I am catching up on emails after a long week of volunteering at App Camp for Girls. But of course, “catching up on emails” also means I occasionally catch up on Twitter, too, ya know? And this new Anna Akana video popped into my feed and totally cracked me up. (Stick around for the […]

San Francisco Mug Shots on June 9!


We’re doing it! We’re having Mug Shots in San Francisco on Tuesday, June 9th, from 3:30-5:30 PM, at an awesome outdoor patio in walking distance from all the main WWDC action. It’s a mere $129 (plus whatever you consume) per person for a fun happy hour that’s ridiculously cheap compared to a full portrait session. Email […]

Dating apps on Apple Watch


I got an Apple Watch because I’m a big dork, and I was really excited to be an early adopter of this new product. (I know smartwatches have existed for ages, but I’m deep in the Apple ecosystem so I wasn’t that interested in offerings from other companies.) But in secret, I also got it […]

A mini online dating TV roundup

Linking out because their embed code is so angry.

Today is the day my Apple Watch is supposed to get delivered! I can’t WAIT to make you all some videos about how to turn off or better manage annoying dating app notifications. But since it’s not here yet, we’ll have to settle for this other blog post instead. :) Burger King’s recent Chicken Fries commercial […]

Email Debt Forgiveness Day… for online dating?

Do any of y’all listen to the podcast Reply All? (If not, you totally should start!) It’s a delightfully geeky, entertaining, well produced, and insightful show, started by a guy who left NPR and started a podcast about starting up a podcast company. This is that company’s first podcast. (Yeah, take your time parsing that […]

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